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5 (Manly) Scents for the Man Cave Perfect for Father's Day

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A man cave is all about ambiance: comfy couches, the right TV setup, low lighting and most importantly, a manly scent. No, not like that. We’re talking essential oils.
Essential oils like cedarwood, ginger, vetiver and patchouli are typically favored by men (okay, women too) because of their distinct musky, rugged and woody characteristics.

These scents – commonly used in cologne – are strong enough to freshen up any space, without feeling too feminine or flower-y.

Whether you’re into masculine scents or just shopping for your guy, we’ve put together our go-to list of essential oils that are man cave approved:

Piano Man

The composition opens with black cardamom, smoked incense and patchouli leaves, slowly revealing the beauty of rosewood and tobacco which is warmed by oud and exotic amber.


The fresh scent of evergreen pine needles combined with citrus zest are balanced by an earthy array of spicy undertones and soft musk.

Marquee Moon

The perfect balance of masculinity, freshness and elegance. This fragrance blends spicy leather, and citrus notes of lemon and orange with an amber musk base.

My Way

Sandalwood, warm Virginia Cedar and smooth Tuscan leather create a relaxing atmosphere that helps restore your inner calm. For watching your team play.

Midnight in Paris

A vacation for your mind. Lemon, spicy nutmeg and amber come together for a bold, tantalizing scent. For when you’re feeling rundown.

Happy scenting, fellas!